Saskatoon Fiddle Orchestra January 31st check out the info below    -    You'll find a link to their website on our January calendar!

Majestic Theatre
322 Main Street, Biggar, Saskatchewan
Phone (306) 948-5404 for show times

For Bookings
Phone Donna at Bear Hills RDC (306) 948-2295

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Current shows

New York is Big, But This is Biggar!

This is a slogan that is uniquely connected to our community, just as the Majestic Theater is uniquely connected to Biggar, Saskatchewan. Arts, culture and entertainment energy is captured dynamically in this facility and has been practically since the birth of the community. Originally constructed in 1911, this facility has helped entertain our prairie community through good times and bad for over a century. The joy, excitement, anxiety of performers on stage, audiences -young and old alike- has created a memorable experience in the Majestic Theater. The current Board of Directors are passionate, committed and determined to continue the long tradition of this facility as a prominent part of the social fabric of our small prairie town.

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